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Green Grim

iIUnless specifically requested, Grim will recycle all plastic dice containers for orders placed on this web site. This will help the planet and keep postage costs to a minimum!

Grim will also recycle dice containers at any of the conventions we're attending, if you cant see Grim's re-cycle bin ask a member of staff to take care of it!

Please note:

NONE of our products are suitable for children under the age of5 years old

Welcome to Reapers Revenge

Home of Bob the Dice Man!

and a retail outlet of the:

Tintagel Dice Company Limited

Conception 2015 here we come!!!

As well as the full Grim's Gangs range:

Correctional Edition

Merlz' Magic

Simon's Scenario's

Come by and check out some of the new items we'll be selling for the first time! We'll have our new Aromatic precision edged D6 available to bring a freshness to your dice bag! And our machine washable dice rolling trays, pattern coutesy of Bedlamites Boutique!

These items will only be available at Conception 2015, from now until Sunday, they won't be on the website until after the show, so come and see us there!


The PDF sheets for Simon's Scenarios characters are now online for download

We will be updating our Chessex stocks after Conception, so watch this space.

Have you tried Drinking Quest RPG? If not, why not? It's the ultimate RPG for the New Year!

Drinking Quest


Look out for updates on the Grim's Gangs page on Facebook!

Downloads are now available for the missing NPC's on the Grim's Gangs page, alternatively order the Correctional Edition of Grim's Gangs.

Please remember to use the European carriage or the rest of the world button on the left if you're ordering goods outside of mainland UK, but within the EU. For orders outside of the EU please contact us to sort out the carriage. It can be embarrassing for all concerned if we have to request addition funds by e-mail before we can send the goods. Thanks for your help with this.

Where possible, our web site prices are still the same as our trade stall prices with the exception of some of the larger items which have heavy postal costs from Royal Mail.

Also, please remember to specify on your order form if you want the original packaging, otherwise Grim will automatically recycle it for you.

Don't forget, you've only ordered from Reapers Revenge if the Pay Pal payment is to

Orders under £7.50 will be charged £2.50 carriage, orders over £7.50 are carriage paid! (for UK mainland only, please use the Europe and Rest of the World Carriage buttons on the left unless your delivery is to the mainland UK)


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