Green Grim

iIUnless specifically requested, Grim will recycle all plastic dice containers for orders placed on this web site. This will help the planet and keep postage costs to a minimum!

Grim will also recycle dice containers at any of the conventions we're attending, if you cant see Grim's re-cycle bin ask a member of staff to take care of it!

Please note:

NONE of our products are suitable for children under the age of 5 years old



A Final Word from Bob & Annie:Tintagel Dice Company Limited

Tintagel Dice Company Limited t/a Reapers Revenge is now :



Thanks to everyone who has purchased dice from us over the years, both on line and at Conventions around the UK, your enthusiasm has been infectious!


May the Roll be with you - always!


Kickstarter "WALL OF FAME!"


Some memories we'd like to share before the website disappears for good:

The Places:

Consternation 2005, our second convention as Reapers Revenge!

Consequences 2007

GenCon UK 2007 our busiest show ever!

OddCon 2007 Our smallest Con ever! only 24 attendees! Consequences 2008 Continuum 2008 - our second visit to one of our favourite events!

Conception - They're all a Blurrr!

Conception 2008

Conception 2011 GG playtest!

View from the Dice Stall! OddCon again 2008 Constitution 2009
Dragonmeet SW 2009 Gamesfest 2009 IndieCon 2009 - squashed in the corner! :(
Concrete Cow with the Krypt Keeper & Phil Masters! Furnace in Sheffield Jail! our tightest space for a stall 2010 and it's the Oddest of Cons again!
Consternation 2011 OddCon 2011 & the Diceman's running Grim's Gangs! PaizoCon 2011
2014 WynterCon Our BIGGEST stall ever!!!
ConTroll 2016 Contigency 2017 Games Expo 2017
We have been honoured to be invited to, and trade at, the Student Nationals from 2009 to 2017! Unfortunately we couldn't make the 2018 event, but hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Without doubt the Student Nationals has been our most FUN event, especially the Fancy Dress parties! Only sorry we don't have more photo's of all the stands we put out for you! 😃
2009 - our first I think, but we don't want to be VAGUE! Cardiff? 2012?

2014 - LOOK - a headless member of staff!

2015 2017

We'd like to thank a very special man here, for introducing us to the Nationals in the first place - Thank you VERY MUCH

Mr Big Bad Jon Scholes!

Photo courtesy of John Breakwell

2017 & our last visit :(   BBJ - roll well in the Summerlands our friend!
Here's some more of the important people who've helped us throughout the years:
The Krypt Keeper at Concrete Cow and at Conception! It's Merlz!
So it's goodbye and farewell:

from her

from him and THEM!

It's been a BLAST!!!

And what do you call "Bob the diceman" now?

how about just "Bob"? (yes the question was asked!)




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